Zeke Leventhal-Arnold
Independent Consultant

    Technical Abilities
    Professional Experience
    Education and Training

Saint Louis, Missouri

Affordable Custom Software Solutions

When you hire ZLA Solutions, you benefit from an experienced consultant without the overhead costs of a large office and staff.

I have over twelve years of information systems experience designing and developing software applications. I enjoy solving problems and developing cost effective and efficient solutions. I can:

  • Enhance existing systems with new features
  • Correct problems to existing systems
  • Design and build new systems from the ground up

Regardless of company size, you receive the full focus of my analytical, creative and logical abilities. I have worked with clients of all sizes:

  • From one who processes billions of dollars in home mortgages
  • To another who needed to track sales quotes
  • To clients who only need to change a link on their website

I can provide you with quality solutions at a reasonable price. Please email me or use the links provided to learn more.