Zeke Leventhal-Arnold
Independent Consultant

    Technical Abilities
    Professional Experience
    Education and Training

Saint Louis, Missouri
Conferences and Seminars
  • (Win-Dev) Developer's Conference, 2001
  • Construx Seminar: Building Better Software with Use Cases, 2000
  • Construx Seminar: Real World Requirements, 2000
  • Visual Basic Insiders' Technical Summit (VBITS), 1998
  • Microsoft Tech Ed, 1997

Society of Actuaries Exams

  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Applied Statistical Methods
  • Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • Interest Theory
  • Mathematics of Demography
  • Operations Research
  • Probability and Statistics

Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology